testimonial_william_b_davis“I hate having my picture taken at any time and my headshot in particular. With Trevan, I actually enjoyed the experience. He creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere allowing him to get the best shots of his subjects. And his prices are reasonable!”

William B. Davis

testimonial_travis_streb“Headshots are a requirement for many professionals these days.  Whether they’re for a company website, conference program or a linked-in profile, you want to make sure they’re done right.  Trevan made me feel right at home in his studio and got me the shots I needed quickly and painlessly. After our one-hour session, I walked out with a DVD full of great headshots that I will be happy to use for many years.  Trevan is a real pro with the talent and know-how to get you the quality headshots you need.”

Travis Streb
Senior Consultant

testimonial_thi“I’ve had photos taken many times before, however, it wasn’t until Trevan took my photos that I realized he was able to do what previous photographers could not:  Capture my essence – the certain inexplicable quality that I wanted to communicate – my natural, authentic self, in a business where it is vital to put your best face forward.  I have complete confidence in work that Trevan has done.”

Thi Tran
Film & Theater Performer

testimonial_marc_baur“Heads up, actors in Vancouver! trevan.ca is a real find.  Trevan’s experience and talent are such, that he must be counted among the very best photographers in Vancouver and his prices remain among the very lowest”.

Marc Baur
Actor/Acting Teacher

testimonial_chasty_ballesterosAn amazing photograher for such a deal, why wouldn’t anyone want to get their headshots done with Trevan!  Thanx for the headshots that have helped me book!!  You are so down to earth and fun to work with!! Xo”

Chasty Ballesteros

testimonials_ghi_stecyk_05_06“I’ve know Trevan for over 20 years.  In that time I’ve had the pleasure of working on many projects with him.  Trevan is highly professional in his photography and is able to easily collaborate in creative endeavors. Along with that he knows exactly what to do to produce the perfect shot.”

Ghi Stecyk
Multi-Media Artist


testimonial_craig_fraser“Headshots are your calling card and great headshots get you booked.  This fall two of the headshots I had done with Trevan got me Acting and Stunt Acting work where directors I had not worked with before booked me without me having to audition.  Thank-you Trevan!”

Craig Fraser
Actor/Model/Stunt Actor

testimonial_haley_v_hunt“Trevan your gift is capturing amazing pictures.  Your talent is untouchable.  You have given Haley amazing opportunities by capturing her true features and personality.  What amazes me is your affordability, but if you where to call us tomorrow and tell us you are now charging the same as other photographers in the city $1000-1200, I would not complain as you are worth every penny. I would never go elsewhere as you are a true artist and it’s hard to find a photographer that compares to you.  You are a true master in the art of photography Trevan.”

Elaine Hunt
Haley’s Mom

testimonial_colin_foo“It is imperative that as an actor your headshots expose the character of your soul and in this Trevan excels exceedingly well, with his creative genius and his artists’ eye for composition. Not only is he capable of capturing your very soul, he places it in a context that is real and moving.  Trevan has photographed me in many locations and in many situations but he is impressive in the way he releases the very essence of your professional capabilities commonly called the “Money shot.” with his photographic expertise”

Colin Foo
Actor/Multi-Media Artist/Music Composer

testimonial_david_cook“I needed to get a new headshot.  I had put it off for years (nine to be exact).  Called a friend and he recommended Trevan.  I called this morning, made an appointment.  Wow!  He is good.  Caught many of my different moods.  My mom and my agent should be very happy!  I certainly am.  I now have his business card and will recommend others.”

David Cook
Film & Television Performer

testimonial_jayne_anastacio“I am a singer/songwriter and have had the honor of working with Trevan Wong since the early 90’s. I have used his beautiful photographs for two of my album covers, and for all my promotional packages.  My headshots have generated plenty of work in the music industry and even some work in the film industry.  Trevan has the eye of a true artist as he has a way of capturing his subjects’ true essence. The proof is literally in black and white as well as in color. He has always made me feel at ease during the shoots, and Trevan has a way of bringing out my confidence. He is a professional in every sense of the word.  I continue to refer clients to Trevan because his work is brilliantly consistent.”

Jayne Anastacio
Singer / Song Writer

testimonial_kevan_ohtsjiTrevan Wong is definitely a great choice for any actor in the business. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned actor of many years.  I’ve shot with other companies and Trevan is comparable to any of the other guys in town regardless of price.  Great value, service, and the shooting is fun. I’ve shot many times with Trevan and highly recommend him to all actors in the biz!”

Kevan Ohtsji

testimonial_alika_autran“Who would have thought you didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get an amazing headshot in this city!!!  Not only were my shots great but because they are so inexpensive I can afford to go back a few times a year. That allows me to often upload new pictures on Casting Workbook.  Trevan’s creativity, professionalism and talent helped capture exactly what I was looking for :)

Alika Autran
Actor/Video Hostess

testimonial_brian_mcguggan“The energy of Trevan during our photo session was creative and supportive.  It was easy for me to relax and feel at ease.  Thank you for your hard work, your insight, your frank but kind feedback as to what would bring out the best in me, and then for actively sharing your skills and experience with me during our session.  Your knowledge and intuition about the energy and nature of the people that you capture on camera made all the difference to the final product.  I really do appreciate that you went above and beyond what I expected of our headshot session, and all at such a reasonably price!  I am most grateful for this; thank you Trevan.”

Brian Knox McGugan
Actor, Director, Vocal Performer