Master Light

Trevan’s work celebrates the portraiture of photographic masters of the 1930’s and a lost era of black and white film noir in a modern digital context.  Paying homage to greats such as George Hurrell and Laszlo Willinger, he explores the dance between light and shadow and textures soft and hard with an obsessive dedication to rendering reality through a hyper-aesthetic lens.

Over a lifetime of crafting photographic images, Wong has masterfully rendered a surreal depth of truth in his striking black and white images.  He weaves the essence of and the relationship of light in respect to the void of blackness and transports us on a journey of discovery manipulated by form and formlessness, drawing us into a complex algorithm of gray monochromatic values that ultimately draws us to a visual satisfaction leaving no aesthetic in question.

Technology progresses.  New equipment, applications, and software serve us in our quest to capture reality.  With humble respect for the great photographers of the past, Trevan continues to render images truthfully using modern digital techniques with the end goal of creating indelible, iconic memories that will stand the test of time.